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What’s an Herbfarm without thyme and swine?


I have a Google Alert set up for the word ‘potbelly’. I did this not because I am a potbelly enthusiast, but because I am simply a guy who likes Potbelly’s. As in Potbelly’s sandwiches. Some time ago, I thought it would be prudent to set up such a Google Alert. Perhaps such could alert me to an initial offering of stock for me to get my greedy little hands on. Little did I know that a sandwich shop alert could result in such thought-provoking results. For example:

Pig Sitter Accused Of Porking Up Pet Potbelly
Today’s THV – Little Rock,AR,USA
A Minnesota woman is asking that abuse charges be filed against an acquaintance who was pet-sitting for her potbellied pig and allowed the animal to get fat

It’s raining cats and dogs at California hotels
USA Today – USA
“Today, we have a chinchilla, a goat — a very cute little goat — we have a couple of potbelly pigs and quite a few bunnies,” Cochran says.

Mesa woman escapes attempted sex assault
East Valley Tribune – Mesa,AZ,USA
He was also said to have had a medium build and a potbelly. He also smelled of gasoline or grease and had dirty fingernails. Police released a composite

Around Murakami’s Superflat world
Los Angeles Times – CA,USA
He has a potbelly. His spine sags. He is asleep. “It says I’m getting old and fat and have a big head,” he says, a laugh seeming to explode from his belly.

Carbon pig owners plead guilty
Allentown Morning Call – Allentown,PA,USA
The owners of two potbelly pigs who have moved from home to home after running afoul of zoning ordinances pleaded guilty today to violating Nesquehoning’s

What’s an Herbfarm without thyme and swine?
Seattle Times – United States
Carrie Van Dyck signals to one of her Vietnamese potbelly pigs, Borage, to sit in the Herbfarm’s herb garden. Borage and Basil, who know quite a few piggy