The List: 2007

With the sun setting on 2007, I continue the tradition of listing films I have enjoyed over the past year.

Happy New Year!

Movies I watched on The Big Screen and enjoyed

Spiderman 3
28 Weeks Later
Garbage Warrior @ Silverdocs
Knocked Up
The Bourne Ultimatum
Into The Wild
No Country For Old Men
The Darjeeling Limited
Hotel Chevalier
It’s a Wonderful Life
A Muppet Christmas Carol

Movies I saw on DVD and enjoyed
State and Main
An Officer and a Gentleman
Inner Space
Howard Zinn: Hard to be neutral on a moving train
Thank You For Smoking
The Boys of Baraka
The Bourne Supremacy
Protocols of Zion
Husbands and Wives
Hard Candy
The Simpsons Movie
Leonard Cohen, I’m Your Man
Inside Deep Throat
The Devil and Daniel Johnston
This Film is Not Yet Rated
Sir! No Sir!
Amores Perros
No Direction Home
Little Children
The U.S. vs John Lennon
No End In Sight
Hannibal Rising
The Prestige
Wet Hot American Summer


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