Welcome to The Future.

 Recline Button

I attended the SILVERDOCS Documentary Film Festival earlier this summer and caught the U.S. premiere of a film called Garbage Warrior. After the movie, filmmaker Oliver Hodge as well as the subject of the documentary, Michael Reynolds, were on hand for a Q&A session.

It was a perfect example of a great documentary film recording an infinitely interesting subculture. In this case, the subculture filmed is in the New Mexico desert building houses out of tires and bottles and loving every second of it. These guys are living lives that are sustainable and independent and they know the architectural and otherwise technical points of environmentally-friendly living.

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Pay-by-touch @ Whole Foods in Silver Spring. You can now pay for your groceries with your fingerprint. Welcome to the future.

Vermont secedes from the empire: U.S. out of Vermont. Maybe Ben & Jerry were on to something.

 Photo Credit: The recline button on a Virgin America flight taken by Johnny Vulkan

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