Back From Hiatus

Beam Reach is back!


Beam Reach is back! After such a long break, there’s lots to talk about and link to, so let’s get busy like Sean Paul.

The famed journalist Bill Moyers had NYU Professor of History Marilyn B. Young on his program to discuss recent comments made by Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice. In the interview, Young provides a welcome voice of reason while drawing chilling parallels between the the behavior and language of our current administration and that of the Johnson and Nixon administrations during the Vietnam War. Young is the co-editor of a new collection of essays titled, Iraq and the Lessons of Vietnam (or How Not to Learn From the Past). There is a video clip of the interview (16:23) as well as a transcript available here.

I apologize for the long hiatus this blog experienced, I think I may have been spending too much time hanging out in Room 641A. If you like that, check out this fantastic PBS Frontline special on the NSA warrentless domestic spying program: Spying on the Homefront (full program watchable online).

Calling all global warming deniers: What say you about this study? Southern Ocean saturated with CO2 (CNN)

Sell your car: liberate yourself from car payments, insurance premiums, gas prices, and maintenance costs. Use public transit. Ride a bike. Walk. Segway. Stop contributing to global warming, the coffers of Saudi princes, and smog-induced diseases. If you don’t live in a place where this is realistic, move. Read this book.

You’ve been waiting for this haven’t you?

“Bicycling is a big part of the future. It has to be. There’s something wrong with a society that drives a car to work out in a gym.” – Bill Nye

3 responses to “Back From Hiatus

  1. Did you get rid of your car? That is one of my ULTIMATE fantasies.

  2. Indeed. I left my car in Michigan when I moved to DC. Not having a car saves me so much money and grief. I Metro, walk, or bike everywhere I need to go. Also, I have a Flexcar membership which allows me to use a car if I really need one for some reason. Living car-free is awesome.

  3. After thinking about it for six months and testing it out in my neighborhood for two months, I just sold my brand new car and am now living car free in south-western Florida, where everyone told me that it would be impossible. I will admit, when the humidity is 110% and it has reached 95 degrees at 8 in the morning I will probably wish I had an air-conditioned vehicle to ride around in, but for the other 360 days of the year I know I will be thankful to be free of car payments, insurance and worry that comes with driving 2 tons of metal around. If anyone is thinking of doing this I say do it! Even if six months from now you change your mind you can ALWAYS get a new car, AND you will have six months of cash and experience living sans car under your belt. Worth it? Oh yeah!

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