2006 Midterm Election Endorsements

State Offices

Governor and Lieutenant Governor (4 Year Term)

Jennifer M. Granholm
John D. Cherry, Jr.

Secretary of State (4 Year Term)

Carmella Sabaugh

Attorney General (4 Year Term)

Amos Williams


United States Senator (6 Year Term)

Debbie Stabenow

Representative in Congress 8th District (2 Year Term)

Jim Marcinkowski


State Senator 23rd District (4 Year Term)

Gretchen Whitmer

State Representative – 69th District

Mark S. Meadows

State Boards

Member of the State Board of Education (8 Year Terms)

Reginald Turner
Cassandra E. Ulbrich

Member of the University of Michigan Board of Regents (8 Year Terms)

Edward Morin
Eric L. Larson

Member of the Michigan State University Board of Trustees (8 Year Terms)

Faylene Owen
Lauren Elizabeth Spencer

Member of the Wayne State University Board of Governors (8 Year Terms)

Margaret Guttshall
Michael Merriweather

Non-Partisan Offices

Justice of the Supreme Court (8 Year Terms)

Michael F. Cavanagh
Jane M. Beckering

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