Remembering an episode of Roseanne I watched a week and a half ago.

 Dan and Rosie

Some good friends of mine have DirecTV. This means they get two Nick at Nite’s. Two Nick at Nite’s means double the fun, double the Dan, double the flannel, double the double entendres. The other night I caught a great episode of Roseanne.

In the episode, Roseanne takes a part-time job at a fast food restaurant to make ends meet. Her fascist boss at the restaurant, of course, turns out to be a weenis classmate of Roseanne’s daughter Darlene, whom I will refer to as BitchBoy. BitchBoy’s entire self-image is based on the fact that he drives a Mustang. What little social life he does have amounts to his shallow classmates using him for rides in the car. 

Roseanne soon runs into a problem when it becomes clear that being required to work on weekends is seriously impacting the amount of time she can spend with her family. Roseanne wastes no time in formulating a plan to “butter up” her Mussolini-esque boss. Well wouldn’t you know, BitchBoy happens to be failing shop class and must ace his final in order to pass the class. His final exam is to build a carburetor and guess who is an expert in carburetors? You guessed it, Dan! Rosie hopes that by inviting him over for dinner at the Conner household and having Dan help him with the carburetor, that her boss will return the favor by allowing her to have weekends off.

Things seem to be going according to plan (or at least as close as can be expected with the Conners!), and Dan helps BB build the carb. However, suddenly towards the end of the evening, BB pulls a 180 and tells Rosie that if she will not work weekends that she is fired. A Dan-powered shitstorm ensues and the Conners swiftly boot BitchBoy out the front door, slamming it behind him; but only after Roseanne gets in her coup de grâce: “Do you want fries with that?!”

From what I remember it was pretty good episode. Roseanne’s cop sister made some appearances too, but I can’t remember what role she played.

3 responses to “Remembering an episode of Roseanne I watched a week and a half ago.

  1. Thanks for that summary Rory.

  2. Roseanne’s sister is “Jackie”, played by Laurie Metcalf. I think I watched this episode recently as well. “Jackie” had many jobs/careers. Her stint as a cop didn’t last, however.

    What is she up to now, you ask? Laurie Metcalf can be seen guest starring on Desperate Housewives airing at 9pm (EST), Sundays on the ABC network (although I am unsure as to how long her character will last)…

  3. Does anyone recall the name of “Roseanne as a fast food worker” episode? I am trying to purchase it for classroom use.

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