Branding is to instill an emotion with the sight of a product or logo. To unbrand, I suppose, happiness and self-esteem must be given to all people, free of charge.

I recently discovered that Anita Thompson has a blog, it’s terrific: Owl Farm Blog.

Came So Far For Beauty: An Evening in Prospect Park. June 28, 2003.

The Pig and the Box have some interesting and educational allegories regarding DRM.

They say The Beatles couldn’t have existed without The Rolling Stones. As if the two bands were diametrically opposed yet mutually dependent forces, like Yin and Yang. Like Jesus and Satan. Like Jews and Mel Gibson.

Look at Photosynth. This is built on technology acquired by Microsoft when they bought a company called SeaDragon. The technology that follows from this is going to change the way we think about not just photos, but the internet as a whole. We will have 3-dimensional immersive worlds created corrabatively by a group of worldwide photographers. It will be Google Maps (or MS Virtual Earth) but from an infinite number of real human perspectives instead of from a single POV from an overhead satellite.

gmap-pedometer: A great Google Map application that allows runners/walkers to map out their route and see how far they traveled. Example: my jogging route last night.

Have you ever seen the entire cast of a Wes Anderson film represented by LEGO characters? Now you have.

Finding happiness in a Harvard classroom.

The Coach Blog: a blog about the TV show “Coach”. He wasn’t a fan and he doesn’t remember much about it.


Torture? What? The U.S. doesn’t torture. Who told you that?

Date yourself linguistically: What do guys hate in the year 2006? They hate being called a “bitch boy”. They just do. Call a guy a “bitch boy” sometime in 2006, just to get ’em riled. Google Image Search for “bitch boy”:

bitch boy

2 responses to “Piquenique

  1. Agree whole-heart about Anita’s digs, except the No Comments. I understand she gets more hits in an hour that my gig in all its history. And Everyone will have something to say. Many will have something Stupid to say. Of course there’ll be moderation, but one of those sexy interns she keeps could have a Hoot with the bit & get paid.

    Or the invite/only comment option. Which doesn’t make the comment matter seem less snobbish (how it strikes me). But it’d work out Jolly so long as I’m among the Invited.

    Anyway I’m curious: what do you think? I feel a void; I know the good doctor, as I, placed Community highest among his values. And by virtue of its existense Owl Farm Blog is the Hub of our community like-mindedness.

    Does she know we’re out here?? I know we’re here but think of the power of that Gonzodata base…Anita must want to know: who why & how are we?

    This became an email about halfway through. Go on & send her one if you agree.

    Keep loose & weird

    Mike E

  2. Listen man, I’m putting in a request. Because people around these parts are turning into high fuctioning retards, Beamreach.wordpress.clownpenis.fart needs to dedicate its next installment to why Dick DeVos is a little bitch boy.
    Also- there’s a new Rock and Roll Bass Guitar record in the works.
    Peace out, you hoe.

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