This is not an exit.

Not An Exit

Noam Chomsky on Charlie Rose discussing his book Failed States.

I can always get you a lime: The fascinating first segment of this episode of Charlie Rose features British playwright Michael Freyn. There is a second, even better segment with Bret Easton Ellis, author of American Psycho; Mary Herron, director of the film version of the novel; and Christian Bale, the Welsh actor behind the brilliant portrayal of Patrick Bateman.

I didn’t realize it until watching this interview, but Thomas L. Friedman is a complete hack. See for yourself, he’s a lazy and mustachioed journalist who calls smart people on the phone, and then completely makes a fool of himself while butchering his attempt to interpret what those people tell him. He drops words like “software” and “Microsoft” while endlessly babbling on about his halfwitted and vastly over-simplified hypothesis. I was horribly disappointed after watching this interview, because I thought this guy was a hardhitting deedster, turns out he is a total schmuck know-nothing.

President Bush, while at the G8 Summit in Russia, recently provided a rare peek “behind the curtain” when he made some off-handed remarks to British Prime Minister Tony Blair while not realizing his microphone was still turned on. [WaPo] …”Russia is a big country. China is big too.” Umm…

Tim Bray, co-author of XML and current Director of Web Technologies at Sun Microsystems, lived in Lebanon for 11 years. He has some meaningful things to say about what is going on there now.

Real Reviews DC: Real people reviewing restaurants, bars, and other fun places to go in the DC area. Reviews for the rest of us!

Google is coming to Michigan! Where is your money going? Vote with your wallet. Did you know the Coors family donates large amounts of money to extreme right wing organizations, some of which have been associated with terrorist attacks at abortion clinics? Don’t support hate-mongers and neo-fascism. Buy Blue.

*Thanks to Chartno3 for the photo.

One response to “This is not an exit.

  1. listen you animal:
    The new Ling Franc band Empty Orchestra is possibly coming to DC on the 9th or 10th of August and there’s a damn good chance I’ll be playing guitar with them. We must rendezvous.

    Erase the tape.

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