Frank’s Wild Years

Check out my podcast debut as a guest on the 4/3/2006 episode of This Just In.

Top Gun. Is it jingoistic? You bet. Does it glorify war? Yeah, probably. But it gives you: Kenny Loggins, homoeroticism, high fives, a lead role Tom Cruise was born to play, and that damn Righteous Brothers song on a Wurlitzer. Even though it was apparently released for Christmas 2004, I recently became privy to the existence of the Special Edition Top Gun DVD. Might be worth checking out, because even though I think TBS Superstation is contractually obligated to air the edited version at least twice a day, I need to hear every "Bullshit!" and I'd rather the Cruise/McGillis/Berlin sex scene not be cut short, thank you very much.

Sex tourism is thriving in the Bible Belt.

I have a dream.

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