RSS Feed Aggregators: Demystified

Okay, so the title of this post is a bit ambitious. I have resisted jumping on the bandwagon and have been using Firefox's Live Bookmarks rather than a dedicated aggregator. I recently realized that my appetite for feed subscriptions may have outgrown the Live Bookmark. I really want an online aggregator so that I can access it from any location and on any computer. So I initially tried Google Reader. It was total butt.

I had heard good things about the desktop aggregator Feedreader. However, I decided that I would try a Firefox extension, rather than installing a standalone program. I heard something about Sage, so I gave it a try. I have to say I'm pretty happy with it. Habari Xenu also looks like a winner as far as the Firefox extensions go. I may have to try that one out. I may also try out some of the other web-based aggregators, like BlogLines or NewsGator.

Can anyone recommend a web-based aggregator that rivals the functionality of the FF extension or desktop counterparts? Here is a fairly comprehensive list of available aggregators.

And now for something completely different: This is one of the best of the hilarious series of advice columns in The Onion.

Best idea for a blog ever: Chuck, the author of this blog, tries to remember details of episodes of the popular sitcom Coach starring Craig T. Nelson. (A Bronx cheer for PTCurtin for bringing it to my attn)

Wave of the future: Free open source bit-torrent based internet TV: Democracy Player

One response to “RSS Feed Aggregators: Demystified

  1. I use bloglines and have been happy with it. The price tag on NewsGator deterred me. In any case, it’s a big advantage to me to have a web-based aggregator since, in any given week, there are about 4 or 5 computers I check it from.

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