More podcasts for you

I have picked up several great podcasts since I last listed my favorites, so if you were lucky enough to receive a shiny new iPod for Kwanzaa (or even if not and you listen at home on your Commodore 64), check these out:

The Ricky Gervais Show
I have been listening to this show at work and laughing my ass off while sitting at my desk. It is fucking hilarious. Ricky Gervais is the terrificly funny Brit behind The Office (the British version, not the much less funny NBC version) and Extras!.

CHEM1000 Class Demos
This is a video podcast, or “vidcast” or “vodcast” depending on who you talk to. It features Chemistry Professor Bob Burk at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. Currently, there are 12 episodes available for free download featuring various in-class demonstrations in Professor Burke’s first semester Chemistry class. If you slept through your Freshmen chem class, never took it, or are just a science geek, you may enjoy these videos, and you just might learn something.

Systm is a podcast that comes from the guys at Revision3, the same people who bring us the always entertaining Diggnation. From their site:

Systm is a downloadable how-to technology show geared towards teaching the common geek, such as ourselves, various hot topics and projects. Each episode focuses on one subject and is between 10-15 minutes in length.

Recent topics include: Podcasting, building a WarSpying box, cracking open the iPod nano, MythTV, and Asterisk.

thebroken also comes from Revision3 and is geared more towards the quasi-legal. Their description:

thebroken is a downloadable computer hacking show geared toward anyone interested in learning more about computer security. Each episode focuses on several subjects and is between 20-30 minutes in length. If it’s shady, underground… or borderline illegal, it’s thebroken.

Slacker Astronomy

“Because if you aren’t going to care about something, you may as well not care about astronomy.”

Slacker Astronomy is a well-made show covering current ‘hot’ topics in astronomy with witty commentary and scientifically knowledgable hosts. Here’s where the “slacker” part comes in: episodes average about 12 minutes in length, so you can get your daily dose of astronomy in less time than it takes to dust off your Star Trek: TNG DVDs. Pitfalls: It does come off as unnecessarily scripted and the humor is a bit forced, but the hosts are professional astronomers, what do you want?

All of these podcasts are available through the iTunes Podcast Directory.

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