Beer of the Month: January

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Sierra Nevada Pale Ale decanted

While Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (SNPA) is an old standby amongst avid microbrew drinkers and ale aficionados, I know there are many casual beer drinkers who haven’t had the pleasure of tasting this great example of pale ale. This “traditional style” ale comes to us from Chico, California-based Sierra Nevada Brewing Company. SNPA has slightly more bitterness than your average American Pale Ale, which is definitely a good thing. The distinctive bitterness, combined with relatively low carbonation results in an unyielding and able-bodied ale that can easily be enjoyed out of the bottle yet is in no danger of being confused with Bud Light. SNPA’s palette-lingering hoppiness is perfect for enjoying with food as the ale’s gutsy character will stand up to just about any flavor you can throw at it and the deliciously poignant aftertaste will remain with you long after you’ve thrown the bottle into your neighbor’s backyard. This amber colored beer is great on it’s own as well, I recommend you crack one open while tossing the disc around with some old friends.

2 responses to “Beer of the Month: January

  1. sierra nevada is super. i went to the brewery when i was in chico. sadly they don’t give free samples. however, they have a restaurant at which i tried 16 different beers that they brew. it’s too bad more don’t make it to the east coast besides pale ale.

  2. Hey Rory, thanks for linking to my blog! I was gratified to follow the link back and see you touting “Greenies” … my all time favorite beer.

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