Wake Me Up When November Ends

Hey gang!

Guess what? This past week, NPR added 14 new podcasts to their repertoire. Should be plenty to keep you intellectually stimulated on those long bus rides to Tijuana.

Interesting new site called Remember The Milk. It lets you put together, manage, and share online to-do lists, available from anywhere you have internet access. Very clean and fast UI, check it out if you’re into to-do lists (is anyone really into to-do lists, I mean seriously).

I’ve mentioned Tom Green’s Blog on this site before, and it continues to be to hilarity what “Leaps and Bounds” was to kids’ birthday parties circa 1993. This past week, he decided to post his personal cell phone number on the blog just to get a chance to talk to some folks. His phone has been ringing non-stop since and he has talked to several hundred people from around the world. Tom insists that he will keep his phone number and not get a new phone. He still has the number posted and is answering it whenever he gets a chance. Tom also has a new 3-disc DVD set coming out on Tuesday, Nov. 22 (although Amazon says Dec.9?) called Tom Green: Inside and Outside the Box. The set features 26 episodes of The Tom Green Show, an hour of bonus footage, as well as audio commentary from the Kaufmanesque comedian himself.

Computer security and IT professionals have long known that our standard alpha-numeric password system is far from ideal. A vast number of users tend to pick short, simple passwords which are easily guessed by an attacker. Of course, longer, more complicated, and therefore stronger passwords can be difficult to remember. Enter: Passfaces, an authentication technique based on the human brain’s innate, evolution-tuned ability to remember human faces. Passfaces is intended to augment traditional passwords as the “Something You Know” portion of the 3-tiers of security: Something You Know, Something You Have (ID Badge), and Something You Are (Biometrics). Try the online demo, it’s cool stuff, it really is surprisingly easy to remember human faces.

I know many of you were fans of the original Nerd in his Shoe: Console Wars flash animation, well there is a sequel and it is great.

This is a good article outlining the benefits, as a Windows user, of keeping a Linux “LiveCD” on hand. A LiveCD is essentially a bootable CD which allows you to boot up your computer in Linux, without having to install anything, or modify your C: drive in any way. Keeping one of these around could prove useful if your Windows installation totally shits on you. You could pop in your LiveCD and recover your important files.

That’s all for now, folks. I’ll be here all week. Remember to tip your waitress.

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