The emperor is naked.

Since moving to D.C. I have discovered a new favorite place to get a quick sandwich. Potbelly’s Sandwich Works has easily knocked Quizno’s from the #1 spot on my personal “Top 5 Sandwich Places” list. I really enjoyed the Smoked Turkey on Rosemary Parmasean from the Q, and I still do, but let me introduce you to a little something called The Wreck from Potbelly’s. This sucker comes with salami, roast beef, turkey, ham, and swiss cheese, made to order and on fresh bread (choice of white or wheat, I recommend wheat). Toppings include your choice of mayo, mustard, hot peppers, lettuce, onion, tomato, pickle, oil, and Italian seasoning (I go with everything except mayo and mustard). If I was a pirate, The Wreck would be my most sought after booty. You might think the sandwiches are a little on the small side if you’re used to getting a 12″ from Scubway or a regular from the Q, but they’re really the perfect size and completely filling especially when accompanied by a bag of Utz’s Salt and Vinegar chips and a Nantucket Nectars juice (with no high fructose corn syrup) or IBC Root Beer. Aaaaand, all of their sandwiches are $3.79+tax, which is practically giving them away.

I recently signed up for an account with Flickr. Flickr is one of the many new user-driven, social web applications that make up the “Web 2.0“. It is a photo sharing site, but it has cool features like: allowing you to assign a number of keywords (Flickr calls them “tags”) to a photo, and then having that photo come up whenever someone searches for that keyword. For instance, I can put in “Washington Monument at night” and get all of the pictures that people have uploaded of the Monument at night (given that they’ve assigned the proper tags). The site has all sorts of other rich features like allowing you to create a list of contacts and their albums, setting different privacy settings to various albums so that some are publicly viewable and others are only viewable by certain people, and other cool stuff. Czech, Czech it out for yourself.

“The American Dream really is fucked.” – Dr. Hunter S. Thompson in Breakfast With Hunter

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