Colorless green ideas sleep furiously.

This is a really cool idea. It is a site that lets you compose an email to be sent at any date and time you would like in the future. The idea is that you send a message to your future self. It also gives you an option of allowing your messages to be shared anonymously with other visitors of the site, so you can read others’ letters to the future which can be very interesting.

Well the time traveler convention at MIT didn’t bring out as many time travelers as they hoped. The idea was partially inspired by a Cat and Girl cartoon in which the characters in the cartoon mentioned the fact that there would only need to be one “Time Traveler’s Convention”. It is a pretty cool cartoon too, I must say.

Rose Island was a man-made island off the coast of Italy constructed in the late 1960’s. It declared independence and was subsequently occupied and blown to bits by the Italian government! I stumbled on the Wikipedia entry for Rose Island recently when reading about Esperanto and other recently constructed, lesser-known languages. Among the most interesting of these languages are cryptolects, or “secret languages.” One cryptolect which I found especially interesting was Polari, a cant language used extensively in the 1950’s and 1960’s in London’s gay underground. The Polari (or Palare) language is highlighted in Morrissey’s song “Picadilly Palare” from his Bona Drag release.

The Dada Engine is an open-source program for generating random text using recursive grammars. The recursive part means that the definition for how to construct a sentence can itself contain a sentence which, for example, is useful for quotations. In the case of adjectives, the definition for an adjective can itself contain an adjective and thereby create compound adjectives such as that in “brown fuzzy bear.” Be sure to check out the Postmodernism Generator which is powered by the Dada Engine. It is hilarious in that the pieces of writing it generates read almost exactly like “real” postmodernist writings.

More on the title of this post.

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