It’s just a myth.

This has to be one of the greatest sites ever:

If you get the Noggin channel (AKA “The-N”), I highly recommend setting your VCR or TiVo, or staying up until 4 am as I do, and watching My So Called Life. I never really watched it during it’s original run on ABC, nor during the MTV rerun of the series. I have now realized that it is superbly written, casted, and acted. My roommate and I were watching the show the other night and we commented on the fact that we both know at least one mom exactly like Angela’s mom, even down to the haircut.

The most interesting thing about watching this show in 2004 is that it reveals the huge shift to the political right that this country has taken since 1994 when this show was written and produced. The show presents situations and and puts forth ideas which would cause an uproar if on cable television today, much less on broadcast network television. We also decided that Graham Chase (Angela’s father), Brian “Brain” Krakow, and Jordan Catalano should run this country. If you can think of a better Pres/VP/Sec. of State, please let me know.

This all ties into a theory I heard a couple of weeks ago talking about how trends in American pop culture follow changes in American government and the overall political tone of the country. I don’t remember who formulated this theory, but they were specifically talking about the 1992 ousting of George H.W. Bush and the ensuing emergence and burgeoning of the Seattle “grunge” scene, as well as a new place at the collective dining room table for zit-faced Berkeley punks singing about pot and self-love. This theory was presented in the context that John Kerry would win the presidency and we would have another cultural renaissance after Bush II was booted similar to the one in 1993-1995 after his pop was given the thumbs-down. However, now that the other Bonesman claimed the victory, we see the beginning of a shift to the right in the American zeitgeist. What is with the uproar over the interracial flirting in the NFL promo? Is this 1961? The next Nirvana will have to wait at least four more years, if we’re not all listening to government-issued Alter Bridge albums by then.

a couple of albums I am currently listening to:

Dogs Die In Hot Cars – Please Describe Yourself
Lou Reed – Transformer

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